National & International Projects

Local Active 20-30 Clubs are encouraged to find and serve the unique needs of their communities. In addition to their localized projects, many clubs take part in national and international projects.

National Projects

The Active 20-30 Children's Shopping Spree

Do you remember the excitement of back to school shopping? The hangers moving along as you checked out the latest fashions at your favorite store? The feeling of brand new socks and shoes, the ones you simply could not wait to wear so you put them on before even leaving the store? Cruising the aisles of school supplies, finding that perfect Lisa Frank folder and stocking up on #2 pencils?

Showing up that first day of school with a fresh haircut, new backpack organized just right and anticipation of the school year is an experience that all children should have. Unfortunately not all children have this experience.  During the month of August over 20 of the Active 20-30 Clubs in the United States take close to 1,500 children back to school shopping.

Every club has their own spin on this event, but the outcome is the same.  The child(ren) are fitted with everything they need to start their school year off with confidence and joy.  They joy may fade as the year progresses, but the confidence will stick with them.

Extra supplies are donated to local schools in most cases, helping to ease some of the financial burden teachers take on due to lack of funding in many areas.

Event chairs reach out to local stores like Kohl’s, Target, Wal-Mart, Payless Shoes, JC Penny, and Old Navy to coordinate an early morning shopping adventure.  Every child is partnered with an Active 20-30 volunteer who has been given $100-200 to spend on schools, shoes, and accessories. After shopping the children are invited to enjoy a variety of events, depending on the club and venue.  Dental exams, hair cuts, vision screenings, jumpy houses, ice cream trucks and more are at their disposal until it is time to go home. Parents are encouraged to hang out close or return a couple hours after the event has started, affording them an opportunity for some quiet time and their child(ren) the opportunity to be the center of attention.

If you would like to sponsor a child in your local community and / or help shop please find a club close to you or send an email to [email protected].

Clubs may also participate in the National project during the holiday times by shopping with children in-need for winter clothes and to top off their school supplies.

International Projects

Active 20-30 US & Canada is active when we travel Internationally to visit other associations. Operation Happy Kid was created to bring a smile to a child's face through small gestures. When traveling abroad, members are encouraged to pack extra children's books, clothes and small toys in their luggage, then share them with the children they meet.

Active 20-30 has also partnered with our counterparts - Round Table, Apex and Ladies Circle in Europe, Asia and Africa - to build a the Mercy School in Kenya. It's proved to be a cherished source of education to the children, as well as the community's safe haven in a time of war.

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