National & International Projects

Local Active 20-30 Clubs are encouraged to find and serve the unique needs of their communities. In addition to their localized projects, many clubs take part in national and international projects.

The Active 20-30 Children's Shopping Spree has been our national project for many years and is a favorite of members. Annually, each club takes a group of local children back-to-school shopping, stocking their carts with $100 or more of clothes, shoes and personal items. In addition, the kids are given a backpack full of age-appropriate school supplies to get them started on a path of learning. Many clubs have grown this event to include hair cuts, breakfast and other activities.

Clubs may also participate in the national project during the holiday times by shopping with children in-need for winter clothes and to top off their school supplies.

Active 20-30 US & Canada is active when we travel Internationally to visit other associations. Operation Happy Kid was created to bring a smile to a child's face through small gestures. When traveling abroad, members are encouraged to pack extra children's books, clothes and small toys in their luggage, then share them with the children they meet.

Active 20-30 has also partnered with our counterparts - Round Table, Apex and Ladies Circle in Europe, Asia and Africa - to build a the Mercy School in Kenya. It's proved to be a cherished source of education to the children, as well as the community's safe haven in a time of war.

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