Issue #5 / 2015-2016

November 2015

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2016 National Midterm Convention

2016 National Convention

2016 International Midterm

2016 International Convention

Active 20-30 National Board Minutes 8/2015

Board of Directors

Dana von Sternberg

Monica Uriarte

Corey Arashiro
Immediate Past President

Wendy Cockrell
National Treasuer

Alli Britton
National Secretary

Edwin Treminio
International Relations Officer (IRO)

Liesl McLean
National Director, Region 1

Michele Spilman
National Director, Region 2

Ashley Preach
National Director, Region 3

Tina Orrill
National Director, Rgion 4

Crystal Floyd
National Director, Region 5

Stephanie Ottolini
National Director, Region 6


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2016 Active 20-30 National Midterm Convention

2016 Active 20-30 National Convention





National President: Dana von Sternberg

Brothers and Sisters in Active 20-30,

As the holidays quickly approach and visits with friends and family fill our lives, it would be all too easy to allow our mission to fall into the background. While our national project may be a back to school shopping spree, many clubs have discovered ways to provide direct support to children in need during the winter months. We would love to feature these events in our next two newsletters. As all of you know, much like the first day of school, the first day back from winter break is especially hard on children whose families were not able to provide a holiday experience. This makes our winter projects nearly as important as our back to school events. Please share your project info with the national PR committee and Board of Directors. I would like to make sure these incredible events are shared between clubs and plan to make this a talking point of my spring travels.

As I've visited clubs this fall, the subject of National value has come up in almost every conversation. While there are many answers to this question, with each club finding value in different facets of our National Brand, this board recognizes the need to demonstrate value to each and every club. I'm calling on all of you to reach out and do one of the following:

  • Join the strategic planning committee that National President-Elect Monica is chairing to help develop the path for our association's future. Or please respond to surveys and interview requests as the Strategic Planning Committee requests.
  • Join the RFP committee headed by Jason Coates to aid in the selection of our new (or the same) National Office service provider. While the RFP has been created, the next step will be to interview the top three candidates and create a recommendation to the Board of Directors.
  • Send me a text, email, or call me on the phone to discuss your ideas for items that you feel the National Organization should be providing. We may not be able to implement every idea, but by having the conversation, we will move the needle in the right direction.

These three items vary in time commitment but can have very real impact on the future of our National brand. We have been working hard to lay the necessary ground work in order to empower the next five years of leadership to accomplish their goals. We have strived to be proactive and have archived all information in online storage so that time is not wasted constantly re-inventing the wheel.

Being frugal has been on the mind of not just this board, but the boards who have come before us. Years ago our dues increased to $100/member. There were many reasons for this increase, including building a national PR campaign and a strong reserve account to defend our trademark if need be. Thankfully we have not had to defend our trademark and have been able to build reserves. Unfortunately we have not succeeded on the National PR campaign. On the bright side... We had a budget surplus last year... While previous boards have often voted to transfer budget surplus to reserves, this board has been cautious to do so. We want your input! Tell us how you would like to see the surplus spent. My personal opinion after speaking to so many struggling clubs is this:

We've been saving so long for a rainy day that we've not noticed the storm around us. It's time to invest in an umbrella.

I want to see the excitement return to our organization. I want to hear more talk about the great things we are all doing for children. I want to see better attendance to our conventions and more chairs at the tables during our AGM. I love this organization and want my future children to be able join it. It's time for us to work together to improve our brand and grow our organization. It's easy to blame the National Board while sitting on the sidelines. It may be selfish, but I want you all to get involved. There are over 1,000 people in this organization, with so many different careers and connections. We as the board need your help to utilize those connections and put this organization back on track.

I look forward to working with you all in the coming months as we continue to tackle the tasks at hand.

Yours In Service,

Committees at Work

Get to know your National Committees: Will be sharing with you who are committees are and what they are doing.

National Strategic Planning Committee

Committee Members
Monica Uriarte, Chair
Jerry Packer, Executive Director
Michele Hyson, Account Executive
Evan Hershey, Past International President, Advisor
Alycia Thibadeau, Portland #122
Leilani Quesada, Vallejo #79
Amanda Kelleher, Healdsburg #205
Brian Noble, Santa Rosa #50
Amber Jewison, Greater Sacramento #1032
Cameron Middleton, Redding #143
Robert Delgado, Chico #100
Martin Uriarte, San Francisco #4
Christos Desalernos, Petaluma, #30
Trena Roudebush, Indianapolis #1036
Aaron Meeden, Carson Valley #85
Libby DuFresne, #1029
Phil Wascher, Sebastopol #63

First and foremost, I would like to say thank you to everyone who has supported the Strategic Planning Committee thus far and those that have contributed to our success as we enter the second quarter of this term. The discussions we have already seen in the last few months have been so productive! As promised, we have embarked on a national strategic planning process. The Strategic Plan this committee (with your help) will communicate our national organization’s goals over the next 3 years and the actions needed to achieve them. In putting together this plan, we need EVERY members’ support.

The goals of the Strategic Planning Committee are:

  • Review existing strategic plans that were developed by Past National Presidents of Active 20-30; (COMPLETED)
  • Obtain membership input on goals, objectives and activities for the 2016-2018 Strategic Plan; (IN PROGRESS)
  • Create the 2016-2018 Strategic Plan; and (IN PROGRESS)
  • Develop a plan for roll out to the membership and implementation in the 2016-2017 term. (BEGINS AFTER MID-TERM)

Every member and every club has the opportunity to have their voice heard in this strategic planning process. In order to do so, it is critical that you participate in the process by doing one of two things – 1.) Designate a representative from your club to serve on the Committee or 2.) Complete the surveys as the Committee sends them out.

Our first survey is OPEN and can be completed via SurveyMonkey CLICK HERE

Please reach out to me with any questions about the committee, expectations of committee members or if your members have any questions about their participation on this committee. I am very committed to getting this Strategic Plan built and ready for implementation by the beginning of the 2015-2016 term. Remember, we have created this committee and are building this plan to establish a more effective direction for the future of Active 20-30 and we hope that this plan will be as representative of our entire membership as possible.

Thank you all for your support thus far and your excitement about establishing measurable goals for our national organization and documenting our successes and challenges in moving forward.

In Service,
Monica Uriarte
National President-Elect, Active 20-30 US & Canada

Printable Brochure

Check out the Printable National Brochure on the homepage of the Active 20-30 website under “Who We Are.” The brochure is also located on the Center Resources page and the Members Resources page. Enjoy!

Click here to download & print the brochure.

The National Brochure is available for you to use at any of your events or meetings. Our hope is to enhance what your clubs are already doing in the communities you are a part of. This is just one more way we can reach new members and sponsors.

Working together,
National PR Committee

PR Grant Update

We will be featuring different PR Grant ideas in the upcoming months! Thank you to all of the clubs who applied!  Congratulations to the award recipients!

Greater Folsom
Greater Sacramento
Valley of the Sun

For inquiries and/or additional questions please contact the National Office at [email protected] or 949-715-1758.

Thank you,
National PR Committee

National Store

Check out the National Store from the homepage of the Active 20-30 website it is located under Club Center. Enjoy!

The National Store

ENTER the National Store Contest!!!
Here is how: Go to the National Store's website you will see a main page with people & cars going by in the background. We want to you to submit a video to replace this background video.

Rules are as follows:

  • A video of something related to Active 20-30
  • No audio.
  • Must be 20 to 23 seconds long.
  • It can be shot using your phone or any other device.
  • Contest ends when we select a winner.
  • Prize - Bluetooth Rock Box

Please take a moment and visit our National Store! This is where you will find apparel, pins, awards and many other items. From the home page of the National website click on the Club Center and then Active 20-30 National Store. The store address:

Board Visitations

Have you seen one of our National Board Members at one of your events? Let us know! Take a photo and send us a story and we will post it here! Board members can submit selfies too! Tell us the location, reason, and about the club hosting the event. Contact us - [email protected]

The weekend of October 10th -11th had a couple of great events happening for Region 2 clubs. Greater Sacramento #1032 held their Inaugural Kicks Fore Kids Foot Golf Tournament at the Haggin Oaks Golf Course in Sacramento. The event was a huge success with a total of 94 players.  There were fun and creative challenges every hole and slushies for all. It might have been a hot day, but that didn’t stop a single person from having fun and playing their hearts out. The team UnBALLievable (Robbie Jellison, Ryan Hollin, Travis Klein, and Samantha Klein) from the Redding #143 club won the “Best Caddyshack” award.
Sunday was bright and sunny as members from several clubs in Region 2, as well as a few from other Regions, came together for a wonderful brunch meeting at Cabana Winery in Sacramento. We appreciated that President-Elect Monica Uriarte was able to make the drive over to join us. We learned about the different National committees and encouraged members to get involved.  The National Board always welcomes your input. The only way to help all our clubs to grow is to share and provide information on the successes of your club. Monica talked a little about her Strategic Planning for the long term goals of Active 20-30. We heard about upcoming events in many clubs. There were great discussions on where to go to find resources on the National web page as well as reaching out to clubs. We all have an instant bond with the mission of friendship, personal growth, and wanting to help children in our communities.  By connecting with each other, we form an extended family and learn things we might not have thought about and are able to bring back to expand or improve what we already do.

Upcoming Convention Information

A. National Midterm Convention - Chico #100     
Chico, CA (January 22nd – 24th 2016)


We will be decorating and installing Buddy Benches at several grade schools around Chico!  

The idea behind Buddy Benches is to "Find a Friend / Be a Friend." 
These benches are a place for kids to look for and meet new friends to talk or play with. 

We are planning to get teachers and students involved in a dedication ceremony as well. 

You can find more information on Facebook:


                                REFUND OF YOUR REGISTRATION FEE!

That's right! Everyone who has registered or who registers prior to November 7th will be entered into an opportunity drawing to receive a refund of the registration fee! Register today!

Click here - Click to see who has registered!

Plan now to attend! - Click to register now!

Midterm (Tentative) Agenda
Friday Evening
Chico bar crawl with shuttles between the hotel and downtown every 30 minutes from 8pm-midnight

9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. National Midterm Meetings

  • We are working with the National Board to prepare a presentation to answer questions like "what the national office does" and "where is our money spent."

12:00 p.m. to 1:00 p.m. Lunch Break
1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. National Midterm "Buddy 
             Bench" Service Project  (Car pool)
4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. Sierra Nevada Brewery Tour (Car pool)
7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. Gala Dinner (and no host bar)
After Dinner--Shuttle Rides to Downtown (until Midnight) 


Register today through December 21, 2015: $95
December 22 through Jan 7: $110
After Jan 7 dinner cannot be guaranteed.

Please note if you are not a current Active member or have a username and password, enter your email in as a "new user" on the registration form.

Registration includes: Name badge and lapel pin; Friday Night Shuttle; Saturday Evening Dinner; Saturday Night. --Also includes at least 1 shuttle from SMF Friday and 1 shuttle to SMF Sunday.

The Holiday Inn is offering a group rate of $79 S/D.
Click here to reserve your room online or call 800-315-2621
Reserve rooms by January 7, 2016 or until block sells out.
Courtesy Group Block information:
-Group code: ACT
-Group name: Active 20-30 US & Canada
-Group number: 349028

B. National Convention – Valley of the Sun, #1028  
Scottsdale, AZ (June 23-25, 2016)

Active 20-30 Clubs of Phoenix, Scottsdale and Valley of the Sun are excited to host the 2016 National Convention in sunny Scottsdale, Arizona! In each month's newsletter we will highlight something new we have planned for you. ……Drumroll please! This month, we are revealing the Installation & Gala theme. We are excited to announce that we will be creating our very own Woodstock right here in Scottsdale. With a National Convention theme of “HERE COMES THE SUN” it couldn’t be more fitting! Channel The Beatles and break out your hippie chic clothing, flower crowns and tie-dye apparel for this psychedelic party. Not sure what we mean? Check out some sample wardrobe options:

Peace, man.

Have you registered for convention yet? The registration website is now live! Please click here!!

Early Bird: $275.00 (now through March 1)
Full Price: $300.00 (March 2nd through convention start)
2015 Convention Attendees: $250.00 (now through convention start)

C. International Convention – Guadalajara, Mexico
Guadalajara, Mexico (July 13th – 17th 2016, Pre Convention starts July 10th)
$600 July 2015 – January 31, 2016
$650 February 1, 2016 – June 1, 2016
Availability after June 1, 2016 is not guaranteed, register today!

Hotel: Crown Plaza Guadalajara (Soon to be Wyndham Garden Guadalajara)

Youtube Video:

For more information: Convención Internacional Guadalajara 2016

D. International Midterm – La Romana, Dominican Republic


Dates: January 28th – January 31st
Full Price: $470 (If you regiser by October 15!)
Thursday: Leadership conference
Friday Excursion:  Beach Trip
Saturday: Meeting

Hotel: Dominican Fiesta

To register to this event please Click Here.

Find more information on Facebook by Clicking Here.

Club Event & Spotlight

Please help us highlight your upcoming events. Let us know about the event 30 days prior and we will share it! We will also highlight the hosting club and announce your events. Send it here - [email protected]

Active 20-30 Club of Valley fo the Sun, #1028

Event – Wine Soiree

Date – Friday, November 20th, 2015

Time – 7pm-10pm

Location – LiveWire: 7320 E. Indian School Plaza, Scottsdale, AZ

Join Active 20-30 Valley of the Sun #1028 for their 2015 Wine Soiree

Join us for the 8th Annual Wine Soiree presented by the Active 20-30 Club of Valley of the Sun #1028.  This chic event features 5 wine tastings with 10 different wines to choose from, hors d’oeuvres, live entertainment and dancing, photo booths, silent auction, live auction, and a champagne and diamond raffle.  VIP guests will also enjoy 2nd floor access with open bar, an opportunity to purchase a VIP table with bottle service, and a private patio overlooking old town Scottsdale.  All proceeds from your generous donations support the programs served by Valley Kids Foundation 501(c)3 and your commitment allows our non-profit organization continue to change lives for so many children in the community.

CLICK HERE to be directed to the Facebook Event Page

Valley of the Sun #1028 chartered in 1988 and since then VOS has grown to approximately 65 professional women – some years reaching upwards of 80 members. Of the four Active 20-30 clubs in the Phoenix area, VOS is the only women’s club. The ladies of VOS also established a signature fundraiser; VIVA, a Valley Kids Foundation benefit presented by the ladies of Valley of the Sun Active 20-30 Club - which will celebrate its 22nd year on April 2, 2016. Other accomplishments to be particularly proud of include grossing $125,000 last year (the highest on record in the last five years) and celebrating a 20+ year relationship with our primary beneficiary, Florence Crittenton, who offers a comprehensive continuum of care designed to help at-risk girls from 10 to 21 overcome issues of abuse, neglect, teen pregnancy, teen parenting, and behavioral and/or mental health problems. The ladies of VOS have also established a Past Active Advisory Board in association with founding member, Abbie Fink – to help provide direction, guidance, and history to active members.
Events for the year:
November ‘15: Wine Soireé

March ‘16: Cocktails & Connections: Looking to mix and mingle with other professional women? Don’t miss out on this opportunity to network and connect with other professionals while enjoying cocktails and appetizers.

April ‘16:  VIVA, April 2nd (could use 20-30 volunteers): VIVA is one of the premier fundraising events for Valley philanthropists, the 21st Annual Viva: A Valley Kids Foundation Benefit is an extravagant semi-formal event that features games, live entertainment, food, dancing, silent raffle and more.

August ‘16: Kidspree: Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Scottsdale is pleased to be hosting “30 days of Back to School Shopping” where we hope to assist close to 1,000 youth/teens for their Back to School needs.

October ‘16: Tools N’ Rules: Tools N’ Rules is an annual with our main beneficiary Florence Crittenton. The day will consist of approx. 30-50 girls from Florence Crittenton. We will help them learn and improve skills for future jobs, build self-confidence and overall give them some professional tools they can take with them for the future.

Membership and Board:
President: Siobhan Richards
Immediate Past President: Ashely Preach
Secretary: Christine Brown
Treasurer: Lisa Klarich
International Relations Offer + Sargent-at-Arms: Sara Schmillen
VP Membership: Ashley Hawkins
VP Charities: Brynn Johnson
Assistant VP Charities: Lindsay Della Donna
VP Fundraising: Chelsea Porter
VP Community Relations: Stephanie Bracken
VP Social Events: Carissa Rose
Beneficiary Liaison: Meredith Peltier

Active 20-30 Club Sacramento #1

Event – Lobsterfeed

Date – November 7, 2015

Time – 6pm – 11pm

Location – Portuguese Hall 6676 Pocket Rd. Sacramento, CA 95831

Please join Active 20-30 Sacramento #1 for their Lobsterfeed!

On November 7th, please join club #1 as we celebrate a Sportin' Tradition, Lobsterfeed 2015!
Lace up your cleats and put on your favorite team jersey and come ready to party, because when club #1 puts on a Lobsterfeed, it's a full on party! There will be silent auction items, a full bar, DJ dancing and of course, great food!
Board Members:
President: Steve Spragg
1st VP: Aaron Clowes
2nd VP: N/A
Secretary: Chris Brown
Treasurer: Mike Rockenstein
IPP: Derrick Compton
Board: Kyle Mickiewicz
Board: Ryan Drury
Board: Chris MacPhail
Board: Dominic Leber
Sargent-at-Arms: Peter Munoz
Sargent-at-Arms: Dan Richardson

Member Highlight

Do you or someone you know have an exciting event coming up? We would like to highlight exciting things happening in the lives of our membership, etc . . . Babies, weddings, job promotions, new house, car, milestone birthday, pet’s birthday, PAL, a local club or community achievement.. etc)! All highlights need to include a photos of such success even if it is just a photo of the individual. Please send inquiries to [email protected]

Wedding Announcement!!

Please join us in congratulating Connie & Ed Gutowsky on their recent "I do's"!!  Connie (Perkins) is a Past Active/Past President of the Active 20-30 Club of Greater Sacramento #1032. Nationally, she is Past Active Life and a former Region 2 Director. Connie was a member from 2000 to 2013.

Connie & Ed have been together since April 2013. With Ed being an English Professor and Connie being an Engineer, they say opposites attract and complement each other!
They have exciting plans to celebrate three honeymoons this year in Santa Barbara, Boston, and Paris. We wish them safe travels!



 Connie Perkins - Active 20-30 Club Greater Sacramento, #1032

Wedding Announcement!!

Please join us in congratulating Cameron and Cassie Middleton of Redding #143 of their recent marriage! Cameron became an Active member in 2006 and Cassie joined in 2010, they are an amazing part of the Redding Club! Cassie & Cameron met through mutual friends and have been together for 5 years. They celebrated their honeymoon in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico! We hope you both had an amazing time!!



 Mr. & Mrs. Cameron & Cassie Middleton - Active 20-30 Club Redding, #143

Baby Announcement!!


Malcolm & Martha McLemore - Active 20-30 Club Chico, #100

Welcome us in congratulating Malcolm J. McLemore and Martha M. Andrade club members of Chico #100 for their growing Family.

Malcolm & Martha Would like to introduce you to their new addition Malcolm J. McLemore Jr. Baby Malcolm weighed 7lbs 8oz and was 21 inches long, born at 11:18pm on July 22. They have been together since July 2013 after a 7 year friendship. They met at California State University, Chico while they were both students. They became members and have been involve with the Chico club since 2013 and both have held dealership position such as board members and vice-president.

We are so happy for you and your new addition! Thank you for sharing your family with our Active 20-30 Family!

From the National Active 20-30 US & Canada we wish the best for you all! Congratulations!

Club Highlight

Do your club get recognized publicly? Did you have an important club anniversary? We want to highlight the great things our clubs are doing in their communities. Let us know [email protected]

Active 20-30 Club, Redding, #143

The Active 20-30 Club of Redding’s annual Redding Lighted Christmas Parade won the “Best of the North State” for the Best Parade, put on by the local paper The Record Searchlight. Great job Redding for all of your hard work!

This is a long standing Redding tradition that dates back to 1982. The Active 20-30 Club looks forward to the 2015 Redding Lighted Christmas Parade, and to continue to be part of such a great local tradition. This year the Parade will be December 5, 2015 @6pm rain or shine! Take some hot chocolate, a blanket and go join them!

For the Child, From the Child

Do you have a story of a children you (or your club) has helped? If so send it with a photo to [email protected] Let us highlight the work you are doing!

Martin Uriarte – Active 20-30 Member San Francisco

When I first joined Active 20-30 Santa Rosa #50, I wasn’t really sure what the club was all about. I had heard about the amazing parties, the friends to be made, the network to be gained, and I had already started to enjoy my time. However, there was still a lingering part of me that wasn’t sure the club was for me.
My first big event in the club was children’s shopping spree. I had heard a bit about the planning process and knew it was a really big deal for the organization but before I attended I really had no idea how special our national project truly is.
The day of the event, it was early, very early and I was guzzling coffee hoping to stay awake. The hustle had begun at Coddingtown mall and volunteers started streaming in. I was feeling pretty nervous to get paired with a kid, hoping I was matched with a young man that was easy going, easy to talk to and easy to shop for. I also was still hoping I could just stay awake.
In true Shopping Spree style, I was matched with an extremely shy, slightly awkward young man that kept telling me all he wanted was underwear and socks….obviously not the items of most child’s dreams. This only made me more nervous for the numbers of hours I would spend with him that day. Little did I know, that young man would make one of the biggest impacts on my time in Active 20-30.
As my buddy and I started walking around the mall, he started opening up to me, telling me that he had a few friends at school and an interest in videogames (I obviously told him that made him one of the coolest kids ever). We found some amazing character tees and a great new lunchbox. He told me that he wanted to be as well dressed as I was when he grows up. So I told him I had a great idea, we went straight to JCPenney and bought him his first tie. He had tears in his eyes when we walked out of the store…..I pretended not to notice. I knew at that moment, I had made serious impression on this young man and he had made an equally significant impact on me. I knew when he hugged me goodbye and couldn’t hold himself back from telling his mom all about the tie the second she picked him up, that Active 20-30 was the perfect club for me.
I was very similar to that young man growing up, single mom, moved around all the time and it took its toll on me. It gives me no greater pleasure at this point in my life to be able to give back to kids like me that really need the extra support and one-on-one time with someone who really cares just about them. I love that Active 20-30 gives me the opportunity to serve these kids, it has changed my life for the better.
About six months after Children’s Shopping Spree, I saw that young man in downtown Santa Rosa and he instantly recognized me, ran up to me and told me all about the amazing year he was having at school, his mother telling me this was his best semester ever when it came to his grades. He had made a whole new group of friends and was even wearing one of the shirts we had bought him. As he was about to leave, he gave me a huge hug and thanked me, telling me that there was no way he would have been able to have such a great year if it weren’t for our shopping trip. I am so grateful for that moment, and it is something I will never forget and something I will always thank Active 20-30 for giving me. It was at this moment, I truly understood the club motto, “one never stands so tall as when kneeling to help a child.” It is also that moment that has always reminded me that through the laughs and through the difficulties that we may all have within the club, at the end of the day it's about the kids, and it puts me at ease to know that no matter what we'll always be united in one way or another.

Website & Public Relations Committee Challenge

Please send questions to Julianna Hart our Website Committee Chair: [email protected]

The website committee is working on a photography contest. The winning photos will be found on our Active 20-30 National Website and Social Media locations. Prizes are being determined, but don’t let that stop you.

Please keep an eye on the Active 20-30 Member Discussion Group for updates and requirements. Keep in mind that a photo release must be on file with the hosting club and ready for proof if needed.

Follow this link to have the most up-to-date information
Active 20-30 Discussion Group


The History of the Sawblade

Awesome history facts brought to you by Michele Spilman's History Blog

Once in a while, past members or a family member, will reach out to Active 20-30 to share and/or give back a piece of the organization’s history.  One lady called the National Office number stating that she was planning on moving and she wanted to donate her late husband's vest back to our organization. We had a nice chat when I went to get them. Her husband sounded like a great guy -- he came to Woodland, California soon after leaving the service, joined the Woodland 20-30 Club in the 1970's, and was a great Radiologist.  Lloyd A Ferree (1943-2013).  

-Michele Spilman

Have you liked us on Facebook?

Check out Michele’s history blog, if you would like to see or add more to history to our findings?

Snooping into Active 20-30 Club's Past:

Bucket's Corner

The man spoke.. this is what he said…

"Honesty is something you can't wear out"

     ~ Waylon Jennings



7 Reasons why Nevada is better than California

1 – No state income tax
2 – We got O.J.
3 – We don’t have Indian Casinos, we have real casinos
4 – Nevada's dirt roads are better maintained than the California freeway
5 – Nevada never had an Austrian Governor, but to be fair he did beat out a
      porn star so I guess he was probably the best option...which is scary.
6 – Bakersfield is in California
7 – God's Country is Carson Valley, NEVADA


Q & A

The Public Relations Committee would like to ask you a question, responses that are submitted to the [email protected] will be reviewed for the next Twenty-Thirtian Newsletter Committee.

Scott Abbate - Active 20-30 Albuquerque #103

What is your Active 20-30 Story? How did you find your club and how has it impacted you?

If you want to be better at anything in life surround yourself with greatness. Being a member of 20-30 enables me to engage with great people, who come from all walks of life: Club members from across the U.S. who contribute hours of their time and skillsets to amazing, worthy causes, community members we interact with at events, as-well-as the folks we support, who are eternally grateful for the help, and always humble.

I joined Albuquerque #103 over four years ago after participating in the annual Kickball 4 The Kids charity tournament. Close friend and local Albuquerque legend, Mr. Mitch Earls, asked me to attend a meeting, and I've been addicted to 20-30 ever since. I initially served as Club Secretary, then was initiated to National as PR Chair by the great Jason Deshayes and was honored to serve in that capacity for Vineet Wahi, before being elected as Club President.  

I think I speak for every 20-30ian when I say this organization has positively changed my life. Hours not working are spent at 20-30 functions, working on or planning 20-30 meetings or socials, or with 20-30ians who developed in to close and personal friends.

20-30 is comprised of amazing groups of motivated young professionals [mostly younger than me] who collectively work together empowering the youth and children in our communities. Although the mission we’ve all undertaken is significant, we never take ourselves too seriously; work hard, play hard, is our creed. Our local Club jokes that we’re a drinking group with a non-profit problem.

In the end it's not only about what we're able to do for our communities, but what we learn along the way, and how we've grown as individuals. I'm certainly not the same person I was before joining 20-30, and I’m glad to continually be challenged and evolve. 20-30 service is truly rewarding, and I'm eternally grateful for every moment and memory. It’s been one helluva ride.

-Scott Abbate
Albuquerque #103

Thank you Scott Abbate for taking the time to send in your response to last month’s question.  

Next Month’s Question: Which Active 20-30 member inspires you? Why? 

Professionals at Work

The most amazing part of our club is the young professionals are working together to better the communities they are part of. We want to highlight some of the professionals who are doing great things in their communities. Would you like to share your story or a story of someone in your club? For more information - [email protected]

Amy Holter - Active 20-30 Club of Healdsburg, #205

Title/Company: Director of Programs and Evaluation/Global Partners for Development

A North Carolina native, Amy Holter grew up on a farm with everything from pigs and horses to bunnies, hound dogs, and a little brother. Amy has been the Director of Programs and Evaluation for Global Partners for Development in Rohnert Park since 2013. Amy has spent her life developing expertise in the design, implementation, and evaluation of aid projects through experience working for both local and international nonprofits. Amy holds a B.A. in Journalism and Psychology from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and an M.A. in International Development from American University. She is a dedicated member of the Healdsburg Active 20-30 Club #205.
After graduating from UNC-Chapel Hill, Amy lived in Cape Town, South Africa managing a literacy program for children from the townships outside the city. It was here that her interest in Africa grew and she was set on a path to California’s wine country. As she prepared to move back to the U.S., she asked people where she could move that was most similar to Cape Town, and the answer was consistent and resounding: “The San Francisco Bay Area.”

From Cape Town, Amy moved to Santa Rosa to contribute to the management of a literacy and after-school program. It is through this program that Amy discovered the Active 20-30 Club. Because of funds and volunteer hours given by the Active 20-30 Club #50, children from her program were able to go on field trips to educational locations across Sonoma County.

In 2011, Amy moved back to the East Coast to pursue her master’s in international development in Washington, D.C. During this time, she also worked full time on educational programs funded by the U.S. State Department and other private and government agencies. She also held a consultancy with USAID through which she traveled to Honduras to develop an evaluation strategy for assessing the impacts of youth employability projects in Tegucigalpa.  

After two years in D.C., Amy moved back to the serenity of wine country and began working for Global Partners for Development. Through Global Partners, Amy travels to Uganda, Tanzania, and Kenya twice a year to vet, implement, and evaluate various health, water, and education projects with East African partners.

Amy connects her work in Africa to the wine country through a program called Vineyards to Villages, through which wineries in Sonoma County “turn wine into water” by donating a portion of their sales to bringing clean water, sanitation infrastructure, and hygiene education to rural primary schools in western Kenya.

Amy joined the Healdsburg Active 20-30 Club #205 to stay engaged in the local community. Being a part of the club brings constant joy and fellowship to her life, and it is an incredible way to share in a common mission with people who will become life-long friends.
You can find her articles on African travel and Global Partners’ work at

Nickname Madness

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Heather Miller "Harley Millertime"
Active 20-30 Club of San Francisco, #4

Well, during my last year at #1032, I was in charge of sending out emails to the club.  As part of that job, I would try to be funny and include little blurbs at the beginning of all the emails.  One day
I decided that I wanted a nickname and I let members vote on what it should be.  Well, hardly anyone voted, but two people voted for "Hemi" (combination of my first and last names), which was technically the winner.  Then someone told me that "hemi" is actually short for hemorrhoids.  Hmmm...   did I really want to be thought of as a
pain-in-the-ass?  So I declared "Harley" to be the winner (Harley = Harlequin, because I make jokes).  Then on Facebook someone said they liked the nickname "Millertime" and everyone piped in and said they liked that name.  So, I'm "Harley Millertime."


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Julianne Campbell (JC) - Active 20-30 Greater Sacramento, #1032

When did you join the Active 20-30 Club? I joined #1032 in 2005 after completing my board membership with the Sacramento Public Library Foundation. I opened a copy of Sacramento Magazine and found an advertisement for Active 20-30 Greater Sacramento #1032 and a few days later attended their orientation. The rest is history!

Have you have the opportunity to hold a board position? I was very fortunate to serve as a board director, vice president, president and immediate past president during my time with 20-30. It was a lot of work and a lot of fun. I learned so much from these roles.

Did you have an opportunity to chair an event during? Yes, in 2014 I co-chaired #1032’s annual crab feed with Summer Lemmon. Amazing event thrown by amazing ladies.

What is most memorable moment you have had since joining the Active 20-30 Family? There are too many to mention. Being a part of Active 20-30 has introduced me to some of the best people I know. I didn’t join the club to make friends, but now have lifelong friendships with numerous people inside #1032 and out. I have learned so much from all of you. The ability to serve my community has helped shape who I am as a person today.

I can’t tell you how much the Past Active Life honor means to me.  Thank you! - JC
Thank you Connie for all your hard work! Congrats on this lifetime award!

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From Your Land to Our Land

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Manrique Gómez Vega
National President of Active 20-30 Costa Mica

Brothers and sisters in Active 20-30,

Active 20-30 Costa Rica is a national service organization, made up of men and women in their 20's and 30's, without any restriction of religious credo or political ,who have a passion for improving the lives of children in their communities. These emerging leaders serve local kids through hands-on work and fundraising.
Active 20-30 has a rich history of serving our communities and developing leaders in our local communities. It began by realizing a need that wasn't being served by existing service organizations. It has evolved with our members and with the times, creating some fun-filled traditions along the way.

Our National organization is a part of the prestigious International organization 20-30, organization without any lucrative interest and developed by people who in their well-organized time develop different projects that help and benefit children of our country. Every project is realized with transparency and the reached goals are announced to a general population. Nowadays in Costa Rica we have six different clubs in different communities of San Jose, Tres Rios, Limon, Perez Zeledón, Cañas and Tilaran. We are 80 members to a National level involved with the active 20-30 international objectives under the slogan “The Youth to be served has to served first” we are proposed developed projects that benefit to children in poverty, their families and communities.

As a personal experience this wonderful organization has helping me to improve myself as a person and to create conscience about the importance of the sincere and solidarity service to all people specially needy person.

The group work of active 20-30 has given to me the skills to fight for objectives and projects that individually will be hard to realize.

As a National President of Costa Rica I would like to motive it to all who want to know more and more about our organization and I invite you to following living the challenge to be part of the active 20-30, because be a part of this great organization is a privilege.

Thank you,

Manrique Gómez Vega
National President of Active 20-30 Costa Rica

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