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July 1st 2015

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Dana von Sternberg

Monica Uriarte

Corey Arashiro
Immediate Past President

Wendy Cockrell
National Treasuer

Alli Britton
National Secretary

Edwin Treminio
International Relations Officer (IRO)

Liesl McLean
National Director, Region 1

Michelle Spilman
National Director, Region 2

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National Director, Region 3

Tina Orrill
National Director, Rgion 4

Crystal Floyd
National Director, Region 5

Stephanie Ottolini
National Director, Region 6


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National President: Dana von Sternberg

Brothers and Sisters in Active 20-30,

As I write this message I wrap up a long week of 20-30 work. As we transition to our new Board of Directors and Committee chairs, I see far more members getting involved than we have seen in recent history. I see members who have been sitting on the sidelines for far too long answering the call and making sure their voice, and the voice of their club, is heard. With our membership working together, we will surely accomplish our goals.  

I would like to take this opportunity to officially thank you all for allowing me to serve as President this term and to introduce the incredible team that have volunteered to serve this year:

National Board US & Canada
President-Elect: Monica Uriarte
Immediate Past President: Corey Arashiro
Region One Director: Liesl McLean
Region Two Director: Michele Spilman
Region Three Director: Ashley Preach
Region Four Director: Tina Orrill
Region Five Director: Crystal Floyd
Region Six Director: Stephanie Ottolini
National Secretary: Alli Britton
National Treasurer: Wendy Cockrell

Committee Chairs
Awards: Amber Jewison
Budget & Finance: Wendy Cockrell
Growth & Retention: Lucky Jesrani
History: Michele Spilman
International Relations Office Edwin Treminio
Laws & Regulations: Corey Arashiro
National Project: Vanessa Norgauer
New Charters: Jeff Okrepkie
Public Relations: Samantha Klein
Website: Julianna Hart
As we embark on this journey together I ask one favor from each and every one of you. I ask that you help us get this organization back on track. If there is a problem, let's solve it together. If you hear of a club who is going through an issue that your home club overcame in the past, offer a helping hand. If you take issue with the action, or inaction, of the National Board, please let your regional director know.

This is a year for growth and development. Let's get back to basics, roll up our sleeves, and get to work.

Yours actively,
Dana von Sternberg

Welcome to our Newest Members!

Please click here for a list of most recent members - from January to present. A new list will be sent out every quarter!

Committees at Work

Get to know your National Committees: Will be sharing with you who our committees are and what they are doing.

National New Charter Committee:
The National New Charter Committee is tasked with guiding interested parties through the formation and charter process of new clubs in new cities, states and hopefully new countries. Currently we have clubs-in-formation in Wichita, Kansas; Yakima, Washington; Austin, Texas; Red Bluff, California and Cottonwood Heights, Utah. We have also recently started efforts to proactively seek out individuals to charter new clubs. The duties involve educating them on the organization, local club level practices like meetings and membership as well as providing them all the tools possible to help them through the process.

The New Charter Committee Chair Jeff Okrepkie is in his second term of leading this committee. Jeff is a current member of Santa Rosa #50 and has been an Active member since 2010. Thank you to all the committee members who are helping expand the club: Christopher Forsyth – Carson Valley #85, Kevin Chapin – North Bay #656, Samantha Mineo – Sebastopol #63, Brittanie Haberthur – Redwood Empire #1029, Susan Fleischer – Greater Sacramento #1032, Michael Shively – Fort Wayne #700, Ashley Corbett – Valley of the Sun #1028, Kristin Hathorn – Durham/Raleigh #1045, and Tania Nava – New York City #1044

“I am personally very excited as we have a large committee this term from across the nation and will hopefully be able to add new members, develop more leaders and most importantly, help more kids.” -Jeff Okrepkie

**If you have not already please LIKE our newest clubs-in- formation!
RED BLUFF, California
YAKIMA, Washington

Board Visitations

Have you seen one of our National Board Members at one of your events? Let us know! Take a selfie of you and them then send us a story and we will post it here! Board members can submit selfies too! Tell us the location, reason, and about the club hosting the event. Send it here - [email protected]

It was great to see Monica at the Taco Hell event for Hangtown #43. They were celebrating 60 years at the County Festival. The money made at Taco Hell is donated throughout the year to the community in Placerville. Thank you to the other clubs who came to volunteer for the day! A shout out to Greater Folsom #77, Greater Sac #1032, Gold Rush #1034, Carson Valley #85, Reno #8, Sierra Nevada #730.

Hundreds of tacos come out every day, and volunteers are always treated spectacularly! The event goes from Thursday all the way through to Sunday, with the guys putting in hours from 8 or 9 in the morning until well after Midnight each day. It was great to catch National President Elect (NPE) Monica and Martin working and enjoying themselves on Saturday!

Upcoming Convention Information

A. Midterm - Chico, CA (January 22nd - 24th 2016) Chico #100

B. National – Scottsdale, AZ (June 9th - 12th 2016) Valley of the Sun, #1028

C. International – San Salvador (July 15th - 19th 2015, Pre Convention starts July 10th)

A message from Oscar Giralt (Coco) – Candidate for International President Elect
My Life in Active 20-30

Club Highlight

Please help us highlight your upcoming events. Let us know about the event 30 days prior and we will share it! Please also provide a photo. Send it here - [email protected].

Active 20-30 Club of Santa Rosa #50

Red, White & BOOM! 2015
July 4th starting at 3pm at the Sonoma County Fairgrounds (1350 Bennett Valley Road, Santa Rosa)

More than just a fireworks show – come join us for an afternoon and evening of food, live music, kid’s activities, and fun for the whole family!

Checkout our fantastic lineup of local bands and enjoy great food from the many local vendors who will be serving up their specialties. For the kids, we’ll have jumpy houses, face painters and more.
The evening will conclude with an amazing fireworks show simulcast live to music by our friends at KZST 100.1 FM

Don’t forget your blankets, folding chairs, and jackets.  Coolers are welcome, but…

Please note: alcohol, glass containers, dogs, BBQs, personal fireworks, and tents are strictly prohibited. Additionally, tailgating in the parking lots will not be permitted

Member Highlight

Do you or someone you know have an exciting event coming up? We would like to highlight exciting things happening in the lives of our membership, etc . . . Babies, weddings, job promotions, new house, car, milestone birthday, pet’s birthday, PAL, a local club or community achievement.. etc)! All highlights need to include a photos of such success even if it is just a photo of the individual. Please send inquiries to [email protected]

Erika and Brian, Member HighlightErika White - Active 20-30 Club of Portland #122

Please join me in wishing Erika a lifetime of happiness! Congratulations on your upcoming wedding July 4th, 2015. Erika and Brian have been together for 2 ½ years. They met in high school and reconnected a few years later. They have exciting plans to go to Belize for their honeymoon.

For the Child, From the Child: Carson Valley #85

Do you have a story of a child or children you have helped? If so send it with a photo to [email protected].

Club #85 donated money to Ronald McDonald Scholarship as well as two other $500 scholarships. Other clubs should look into this if they haven't already. – Tommy “Bucket” Lovell

20/30 Club, MEFIYI & Westbrook Award Scholarships to Douglas High School Graduates
The 20/30 Men’s Club #85, MEFIYI and Westbrook Foundation came together and awarded college scholarships to outstanding Douglas High School Graduating Seniors. Thanks to Ronald McDonald House Charities of Northern Nevada Matching Scholarship Program, $1,000 scholarships renewable annually up to four years, were awarded to Tianna Fruth and Christine Lidell.  Savannah Allmett and Ariah Barth were both honored with $500 scholarships for their all-around excellence. The Westbrook Foundation was founded by Helen Townsell-Parker who four years ago initiated a collaboration with MEFIYI to support Douglas County Students with their education.  This year the 20/30 Club joined our mission. Together, we will continue to raise funds and award scholarships for years to come. Congratulations to our scholarship recipients and good luck! Thank you Ronald McDonald House Charities Northern Nevada.
Article source: Carson Valley Times

The History of the Sawblade

Awesome history facts brought to you by Michele Spilman’s

Did you know that the first form of the The Twenty-Thirtian Newsletter was issued as a single page, multi-graph?
-Michele Spilman

Have you like the historical findings on Facebook? Active 20-30 Club Historical Findings:

Check out Michele’s history blog, if you would like to see or add more to history to our findings? Snooping into Active 20-30 Club's Past:

Bucket's Timeout Corner

Words to live by
  'I tried being reasonable, I didn't like it.' - Clint Eastwood

Things that will happen before Bucket helps the National Newsletter
1. A horse will win the Triple Crown
2. Bi-partisanship in Congress
3. Bi-partisanship in Active 20-30
4. David Letterman will retire
                                                           5. Hell will freeze over, or for you heathens, Hell will exist

Q & A

The Public Relations Committee would like to ask you a question, responses that are submitted to the [email protected] will be reviewed for the next Twenty-Thirtian Newsletter Committee. Participate with us! It’s fun! Have a question ideas send it to us at [email protected] 

What was your favorite visitation? Who did you visit, how long was your travel and did you meet anyone new? - We look forward to hearing from you!

Professionals at Work!

The most amazing part of our club is the young professionals who are working together to better the communities they are part of. We want to highlight some of the professionals who are doing great things in their communities. Would you like to share your story or a story of someone in your club? For more information - [email protected].

Monika Long is a CPA and holds a senior management position with Shasta County in the Auditor-Controller’s office. Monika was brought on by the County in 2012, when she moved back to Redding from Sacramento where she started her career as a CPA with the Big 4 audit firm, KPMG. During her time at KPMG, Monika led audit teams in completing the audit engagements for clients including Fetzer Vineyards, and the California State Lottery. Monika also led teams in performing Single Audits for clients such as the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and the State of California. While with KPMG she also performed advisory and consulting work as the lead on a project for San Francisco State University.

Monika passed each of the four parts of the CPA exam on the first try, and obtained her CPA license in 2011. She maintains a small portfolio of select clients for whom she provides tax and CPA services.

While in college at Sacramento State, Monika earned the right to an internship with the firm and was offered a position with them once the internship was completed. Monika received her Bachelors from Sacramento State University and graduated Magna Cum Laude. She received many scholarships and awards for her academic performance through her Accounting fraternity Beta Alpha Psi. Monika worked full time throughout her college career in order to help accomplish her educational goals. She was the first person in her family to achieve a Bachelor’s Degree. She plans to continue her education

After being away for nearly nine years, Monika was somewhat saddened upon returning to Redding to find that people in her age group had such a negative view of the City they called home. Whether it was a lack of opportunity, things to do, or a an abundance of drug users, people were quick to criticize, but none of them offered anything they were willing to do about it. It was then that Monika began looking for volunteer opportunities that fit both the bill and her hectic schedule. That was when she found the Active 20-30 Club of Redding. Monika recently said- “This club was a blessing to me. I found in them an inspiring group of people my age who wanted to be leaders, liked to volunteer, and have fun in equal amounts. Moving back I had trouble finding even one or two of these kinds of people on my own, and I here I had just stumbled into a room of 30 of them together. It was a treasure trove and they became my instant second family.” Since joining The Active 20-30 Club, Monika has co-chaired the clubs annual Old Navy Shopping spree twice and helped with many other events including the Sundial Film Festival, 20-30 Annual Easter Egg Hunt, CASA Superhero Run, and the Redding Lighted Christmas parade.

During the past year, Monika organized a non-profit group called Bless Our Troops – Shasta County. The group collects items to stuff into care packages for soldiers from the Shasta County area who are deployed overseas. The group collects most of their items around Christmas time through camo-colored barrels placed at local grocery stores, and then mails the items out in care packages to troops throughout the year. Monika is very thankful to our men and women who serve, because it touches close to home for her. Her father is a Vietnam vet, her grandfather fought in World War II, her brother-in-law was a Marine, and her father-in-law was in the Navy. Each of them have called Redding home. Monika is proud of the troops from our area and wants them to know that their Community supports them, and so she created Bless Our Troops – Shasta County.

Nickname Madness

How did you get your nickname? Does it have a great story? Let us know at [email protected]

Amber Jewison – Active 20-30 Club of Sacramento  
My nickname began in Costa Rica, continued in Puerto Vallarta and was born in Dominican Republic by my friends there during International Convention.  I love the water and would go into the ocean every night!  We had a blast no matter if it was after a casual night or all dressed up. 

After midnight in the DR a group of friends came by where we were in the water...& La Sireña de la medianoche, the midnight mermaid, was born.  This is also why my main nickname is in Spanish because that is how it began.  In the past year, in my daily chats with our international friends my Panamanian brothers started calling me Amber del Carmen.  Not sure what started it, but it has stuck with my international friends.  It comes from La Virgen de Nuestra Señora del Carmen (Our lady of Mount Carmel) who is the main virgin in Panama.  As Geoffrey Cheung, My Friend, says, "I guess they think you are pure and angelic."  Haha! 

ACTIVE 20-30  | 65 Enterprise  Aliso Viejo, CA 92656
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