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August 2015

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Dana von Sternberg

Monica Uriarte

Corey Arashiro
Immediate Past President

Wendy Cockrell
National Treasuer
Alli Britton

National Secretary

Edwin Treminio
International Relations Officer (IRO)

Liesl McLean
National Director, Region 1

Michele Spilman
National Director, Region 2

Ashley Preach
National Director, Region 3

Tina Orrill
National Director, Rgion 4

Crystal Floyd
National Director, Region 5

Stephanie Ottolini
National Director, Region 6


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2016 National Midterm Convention

Active 20-30 National Convention





National President: Dana von Sternberg 

Brothers and Sisters in Active 20-30,
With International Convention behind us the focus now turns completely to the new term with renewed energy. Many of our partner countries are experiencing high percentage growth, while we saw an almost 20% decline in membership last year. The national presentations gave me pause. It’s on every member to aid in the growth of our organization. We spend so much time asking what National does for us, and forget that we ARE national. If you know someone in an area that has a 20-30 club, refer them to that group. If you are a member moving to a new area which does not have a club, work with Jeff Okrepkie and the new charter committee to start a club. One place that International thrives is the complete buy-in from clubs to the national and international association. We will be able to accomplish great things and provide more value by working together. I challenge you all to invite one friend to a meeting, refer one work colleague to the new charter committee, and visit one club when traveling to an area with a 20-30 presence. Together we can grow and prosper.

Yours in service,
Dana von Sternberg

Message from Evan Hershey & 2015 International Awards

Active 20-30 Members,   
Being the International President was amazing. Running a nonprofit organization with 8 separate subsidiaries operating in 10 different countries, managing 3300 volunteers and employees, and working to grow both the volunteer numbers and help the associations raise more funds takes a lot of time and energy. Seeing my National associations raise close to $19 million to help build and fund things like Children's hospitals and health care clinics and help millions of children here in the Americas was absolutely awe inspiring.
Meeting the requirements to travel to every association was both an amazing opportunity and a logistical challenge. I traveled to a different Association's meeting every month and in some months I traveled to 2 or 3 different places often flying out early on a Friday and home early on a Sunday in an effort to minimize the impact of the schedule on my business and family.
I was blessed to have an amazing executive Board who all traveled and worked as hard as I did or harder. Antonio, David, Oscar, and Edwin, I truly cannot thank you enough. Without you guys I would have been far less successful.
I had the opportunity to visit countries like Columbia, Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Mexico, and the Dominican Republic. I also attended 3 national and 5 regional meetings in the U.S. and would never trade those experiences. I can't point to one or another as the best though it was really hard to come home from Bocas del Torro in Panama.
That said, I think that a new chapter is beginning for me. My mind was awakened during this past year and I see opportunities everywhere and will have to spend a lot of time thinking about them.

In passing the baton, I am happy to see another amazing person step into such an important leadership opportunity and I know the organization is in good hands. At the same time I am sad to turn the page in my own life.
I am honored and humbled to have had the opportunity to be a part of something that helps so many children. At the end of the day, what we do is absolutely amazing. Thank you all for the little things that you do in your own communities to help children you may never meet and who will never know that it was you who helped them.
I was asked why I sought out leadership and took on the many leadership positions I have held in Active 20-30. My response was that I did not seek leadership. I saw jobs that needed doing and did them to the best of my ability.

In Service,
Evan Hershey
Santa Rosa #50
Immediate Past President of the Active 20-30 International

International Awards Active 20-30

1. “Ken Helling” Public Speaker of the Year Award
Pedro Collins - Active 20-30 Club of Chitré, Panamá

2. “Norman Morrison” Public Relations for the Year Award
a) For communities with a population of 100,000 or less: Anyone Involved
b) For communities with a population of 100,000 or more: Active 20-30 Club of Panamá, PAN

3. “Paul Claiborne” Distinguished Club of the Year Award
Active 20-30 Club of Moca, RDO.

4. “Ernest Axland” Charity Project of the Year Award
a) To the most outstanding Project that has benefited a population of less than 100 children:
Active 20-30 Club of Delicias, MEX.
b) For the most outstanding Project benefitting a population larger than one 100 children:
Active 20-30 Club of Panama, PAN.

5. “Best Pin” AwardActive 20-30 Club of Barranquilla, COL.

6. “Alexander Fletcher” Development and Expansion Award
Active 20-30 Club of Panama, PAN.

7. “George Graziadio” International Relations Award
Active 20-30 Club of San José, CRC.

9. “Manuel Molina” National President Award
María Cristina Botero, President of Active 20-30 National Association of Colombia.

8. “Web Page of the Year” Award
Active 20-30 Club of Ciudad Juárez, MEX.

9. “Best Scrapbook” Award
Active 20-30 Club of Moca, RDO.

10. Environmental Project International Award
Anyone Involved

11. Education International Award
Jacobo Pereira, Active 20-30 Club of Las Cumbres, PAN.

Welcome to our Newest Members!

Committees at Work

Get to know your National Committees: Who are in the committees are and what they are doing!

National Project Committee

The National Project is a hands on shopping event that almost every club in our association does at least one point during the year, whether it is back to school or Christmas. The first priority for the committee is to work with the National Office to create a page on our website for each club to detail their event. By knowing which clubs do the event, how many kids they help, how much they spend and who their partners are, we can move forward with trying to create National partners who will assist each club across the country.  

The hope for this committee is to be able to add some value to each club's event by giving them access to a product or service they may not have had in prior years. Each club should be receiving an email within the next month with a hyperlink to the survey. It would be most helpful if each club would take the 5 minutes it will take to complete the survey and submit the form.

Vanessa is looking for volunteers who want to participate on the committee. If you are interested, please e-mail me at [email protected].

Thank you,
Vanessa Norgauer

Board Visitations - Lisel McLean

After returning home from the International Convention in El Salvador this month, I couldn't feel more proud to be a member of our great organization. This was my fourth international convention to attend. I cannot name one single thing that I love most about attending these conventions, there are too many moments and memories to single out just one. I love connecting with friends that I have now known for years from North America, Central America and the Caribbean. I loved seeing the pride in the host club of conventions' eyes that so many of us came to their country to celebrate, work, and communicate all of the great things that we do for the children, our clubs, our local communities, and our countries. I love watching my friends grow in their leadership roles. Whether it's being a delegate at the AGM, or the President of our international association I feel so much pride in being a part of the process. I loved attending the local hands on activity - this time we had the opportunity to watch the children bravely perform several dance routines, as well as deliver memorized speeches. Operation Happy Kid was a complete success - we were able to personally distribute many of the donations, ourselves and see the joy on the faces of the children. I love staying up all night the last night, because there are too many friends to connect with from too many countries to go to sleep.

This year I felt a much stronger sense of camaraderie between US club members. We had about 30 members attend from about 10 clubs. We took many a bus rides together, we cheered on Matt in the speech contest, we swam late night, we dined together, we introduced friends from other countries to one another, we attended the AGM and sat together, we went on pre and post tours together including the 60th anniversary of the San Miguel club, we nicknamed each-other (Phelps, Beer Bod/Bomb), we rooted each-other on in the beer chugging/tequila shooting contest, we roomed together, we set up our nations night table together, and we danced together. Most of all we had fun together, and solidified a ton of national friendships as well as international friendships. With the support of the US, I am proud to say that the Eugene #920 was approved to be the host club of the 2017 International Convention.

When I joined Active 20-30 Club in 2005 my vision of my membership was solely to help local kids in my local community. I had no intention of making lifelong friends, leading projects, travelling, being the President of my club, serving on the national board, let alone being the Active 20-30 Club International WOCO representative. I am so glad that I was so wrong. Being the President of the Eugene club in 2010 led to me to attend my first convention in Santa Rosa to be the Eugene delegate, which happened to be an International Convention. Since then, I have been hooked. I have had many mentors along the way that encourage me to continue to step up and be active. I encourage you all to branch out of your local area, travel, heck even come to Oregon. I'd love to hear your stories, and share your enthusiasm and passion for our amazing organization. Helping kids is what drew me into Active 20-30 Club, yet my pride of membership and friendships from this amazing organization are what have retained me all of these years, and travelling to El Salvador in July reiterated my love for Active 20-30 Club.

Liesl McLean
Region One Director
Active 20-30 Club of Eugene #920
Member Since 2005

Upcoming Convention Information

A. National Midterm Convention  
January 22-24, 2016, Chico, CA
Chico #100 Club Sponsor

Please click here to review the details and register!

Reserve your guest room at the Holiday Inn Hotel

685 Manzanita Court, 
Chico, CA 95926.
The Holiday Inn is offering a group rate of $79 S/D. 

Click here to reserve your room online or call 800-315-2621
. Reserve rooms by January 7, 2016 or until block sells out.

Courtesy Group Block information:

Group code: ACT

Group name: Active 20-30 US & Canada

Group number: 349028

B. National Convention

June 23-25, 2016*, Scottsdale, AZ
*note date change
Valley of the Sun, #1028 Club Sponsor

Active 20-30 Clubs of Phoenix, Scottsdale, and Valley of the Sun are excited to host the 2016 National Convention in sunny Scottsdale Arizona! In each month's newsletter we will highlight something new we have planned for you. So, what are we talking about this month? The hotel!
"Welcome to Talking Stick Resort(R), a luxurious Four-Diamond Scottsdale resort, where fun is limited only by your imagination. Play in style™ on a nearly 300,000 square foot casino, one of the largest in Arizona. Savor the flavors and take in the panoramic views from the award-winning Orange Sky Restaurant™. Check out Vegas-style entertainment and local favorites as they take the stage in the TSR Showroom™. Test your skills on 36-holes of championship golf at Talking Stick Golf Club, one of the most scenic and challenging golf courses in Scottsdale. Then when it’s time to relax, head up to The Spa at Talking Stick™ and enjoy a relaxing spa treatment overlooking incredible views of the Valley." - Talking Stick Resort,
Active 20-30 Club of Phoenix, Scottsdale, and Valley of the Sun are working in conjunction with the national office to set-up the website. It should be ready soon - you will be the first to know when it's live and ready to accept orders. In the meantime, make room on those credit cards! Here are ticket costs to start preparing for...
Early Bird: $275.00 (now through March 1)
Full Price: $300.00 (March 2nd through convention start)
2015 Convention Attendees: $250.00 (now through convention start)

C. International Convention – Guadalajara, Mexico
Guadalajara, Mexico (July 15th – 19th 2016, Pre Convention starts July 10th)

Club Event & Spotlight

Please help us highlight your upcoming events. Let us know about the event 30 days prior and we will share it! We will also highlight the hosting club and announce your events. Send it here - [email protected]

Active 20-30 Club of Hangtown #43 & Carson Valley #85

Event – Softball Showdown
Date - August 29th
Time - 2:00pm
Location – Lampe Park, Gardnerville

Join Active 20-30 Hangtown #43 & Carson Valley #85 for the 2015 SOFTBALL SHOWDOWN!!

On August 29, first pitch is 2 pm(ish). This year’s event will be held at Lampe Park in Gardnerville. The host switches back and forth yearly between Carson Valley and Hangtown.  The purpose is bragging rights! That and it's a great opportunity for our clubs to hang out while doing something we enjoy. Afterwards this year, CV85 will host a BBQ at the clubhouse. Like a great many things… It started from a late night conversation between CV85's Bucket and Hangtown 43's Dallas Sweeney.  It was decided that to settle our debate about who the best softball playing club in Active 20-30 was we would have to meet on the field of play. The first Softball Showdown was in 2010, won by Hangtown on a walk off home run by Dallas Sweeney. The next year, Carson Valley got revenge and won the series.  In the three years since Hangtown has boat raced CV85 due to its far superior roster with actual softball players and not X Box heroes that try to fill the CV85 roster.

Hangtown #43 chartered in 1929. Our club has had a large number of members who have continued on in the community and have become well known for their philanthropy and commitment to El Dorado County. Probably our best known history is the Taco Booth at the El Dorado County Fair. This was our 60th year of that fundraiser, which is our largest fundraiser of the year and helps to fund a lot of our events throughout the year. The recipe for the meat is simple yet highly guarded secret.

Hangtown #43 Events for the year:
February - Black and Blue Bowl vs Santa Rosa #50 (if #50 can put together a team and find a location)
April - Friends of the NRA dinner, El Dorado County (we host the bar)
May - Co-Ed Hybrid Softball Tournament
June - El Dorado County Fair, Taco Booth (Taco Hell) (Volunteers needed)
August - Softball Showdown vs CV85 (alternates locations between Placerville and Gardnerville. Outcome is always the same a lot of drinking and one team gets their arises handed to them.
September - Swing 4 Children annual Softball Tournament (Weekend after Labor Day, 2-1/2 days of softball at Lions Park in Placerville, 30+ teams mens and womens, all proceeds going to one child and their family fighting a life threatening illness.) This is the 23rd year for the club to host.
October - Hangtown Honky Tonk music festival (at the El Dorado County Fairgrounds.  We host the bar and sell tacos)
December - Placerville Christmas Parade (first Sunday in December, on Main Street
Kids Christmas Giveaway (we take approximately 100 needy children for El Dorado County shopping for necessities, children choose what they want without parent input)

Membership and Board: Hangtown #43
President - Josh Cramer
1st VP - Jared Meredith
2nd VP - Ryan West
Treasurer & IPP - Carl Rayfield
Can Carrier - Ryan Emmert
Director of Communication - Mike Sizemore
Director of New Membership - Nick Rankin
Member - Justin Shader
Member - Josh Musil
Member - Dustin Pottenberg

The Carson Valley #85 was founded in 1932, and chartered in 1934.  The club’s objective is to serve the community by providing service to the underprivileged youth of the Carson Valley while building lasting friendships among its membership. Membership is open to community-oriented men in their 20's and 30's.  The club has held it’s meetings in the Old Gardnerville Branch Jail for well over 40 years now.  The building is listed on National Registry of Historic Places, and the Carson Valley Active 20-30 Club has helped restore and maintain upkeep of the building.  The old Iron Gate over the upstairs door has the initials “PWF” which stand for Pop Warner Football, the buildings former co-occupants.

Many influential residents of the Carson Valley community have served as members of the Carson Valley Active 20-30 Club.  Well-known local names such as Dressler, Jacobsen, Chichester, and Stoddick have worn the famous red vests of Carson Valley #85. Throughout the club’s long history the members of Carson Valley Active 20-30 have donated enormous amounts of time and resources to accomplish their goal of enriching the lives of the valley’s underprivileged children.

Carson Valley #85 Events for the year :
August - Board Installation & Shopping Spree (Volunteers needed!), Softball Showdown, & French Bar Olympics
November - Thanksgiving Dinners
September - Special Needs Children's Picnic (Non annual)
October - Halloween Haunted House (Non annual)
December -Parade of Lights, & Secret Santa
February/March - 4 Club Dinner
March/April - Easter Egg Hunt
April - Shotgun Shoot     
June - Grillin & Chillin & Carson Valley Days (Volunteers needed!)
July - Relay For Life
When they feel like it - Past Active appreciation night

Membership and Board: Carson Valley #85
President: Tim 'Timber' Provost
Vice President: Jason "Lucky" Johnston
Treasurer: Chris Chatwood
Sergeant at Arms: Pat 'Fish Guts' Kincheloe
Directors: Brian 'Geezer' McKerrihan & Patrick 'Patches' Thorn

Member Highlight

Do you or someone you know have an exciting event coming up? We would like to highlight exciting things happening in the lives of our membership, etc . . . Babies, weddings, job promotions, new house, car, milestone birthday, pet’s birthday, PAL, a local club or community achievement.. etc)! All highlights need to include a photos of such success even if it is just a photo of the individual. Please send inquiries to [email protected]

 Rebekah Coon - Active 20-30 Club of Chico #100

Rebekah Coon is a high school math teacher who has made Los Molinos her home for the last three years. As an advanced mathematics and statistics teacher, she feels passionate about educating the youth of her community.  Rebekah instituted many new programs at Los Molinos High School, including Advanced Placement and Gamer’s Club, and reinvigorated existing clubs such as CSF, to include giving students the opportunity to visit and explore college campuses. Successfully writing several fully-funded grants, Rebekah has brought new technology to the school. She is an active member of the Los Molinos Chamber of Commerce and directed the 2015 annual Los Molinos Independence Day Parade. Through extensive fundraising and campaigning, she became Mayor of Los Molinos on July 1st of this year!  Rebekah’s future goals include becoming fluent in Spanish, earning an M.S. in Mathematics Education, starting a family, and perhaps broadening her political goals.

Club Highlight

Do your club get recognized publicly? Did you have an important club anniversary? We want to highlight the great things our clubs are doing in their communities. Let us know [email protected]

Active 20-30 Club of Santa Rosa #50

Congratulations to the Active 20-30 Club of Santa Rosa #50 for receiving a Gold Resolution from the County Board of Supervisors for their 86 Years of service to the at risk youth of Sonoma County. Over the years the Active 20-30 Club of Santa Rosa has helped support many youth causes and programs in the community. Groups such as the Boy Scouts, The Santa Rosa Boys and Girls Clubs, Social Advocates for Youth, The Battered Women’s Shelter, Kids’ Street Theater, Valley of the Moon Children’s Home, Junior Olympics, The Volunteer Center of Sonoma County, Challenger Little League, “R” House, Junior Achievement, Tomorrow’s Leaders Today, Sonoma County Children’s Village, and most recently, the Elsie Allen High School Project Grad have all benefit from the Active 20-30 Club’s fundraising and hands-on work. Great work Santa Rosa #50 for your dedication and hard work!

For the Child, From the Child:

Do you have a story of a children you (or your club) has helped? If so send it with a photo to [email protected] Let us highlight the work you are doing!

The biggest success of Sivar (International Convention) was the return of Operation Happy Kid. We distributed school supplies, toys, and clothes to children in a remote area of El Salvador. For many of these kids, this was the first time they were able to open a new package of crayons; the first time they were able to play with a new toy. For the few dollars we all spent to bring the items, we were repaid countless times over in smiles. It’s easy to forget our mission when we travel, partying and carrying on into the wee hours of the night, but we cannot forget that One never stands so tall as when kneeling to help a child.

Dana von

Website & Public Relations Committee Challenge:

Please send questions to Julianna Hart our Website Committee Chair: [email protected]

 The website committee project is a photography contest. The winning photos will be found on our Active 20-30 National Website and Social Media locations. Prizes are being determined, but don’t let that stop you. Please keep an eye on the Active 20-30 Member Discussion Group for updates and requirements. Keep in mind that a photo release must be on file with the hosting club and ready for proof if needed. You will find a link to the National Photo Release form at the bottom of this newsletter.

Follow this link to have the most up-to-date information
Active 20-30 Discussion Group

 The History of the Sawblade

 Awesome history facts brought to you by Michele Spilman

Did you know that in Sacramento, California, on Tuesday, December 19, 1922 the first 20-30 Club was organized? - Michele Spilman

Have you like the historical findings on Facebook? Click here for Active 20-30 Club Historical Findings.

Check out Michele’s history blog, if you would like to see or add more to history to our findings? Snooping into Active 20-30 Club's Past:

Bucket's Time Out Corner

'Smokey, my friend, you are entering a world of pain... you mark that frame an 8 and you're entering a world of pain.' - Walter Sobchak

Reasons why Canada should not be readmitted to Active 20-30

1 – Mayor Rob Ford of Toronto.  He might be the only person in Canada who can survive a night out with CV85...and no one needs that

2 – The Mounties.  You know what we call Mounties in the United States?  Mall cops.

3 – The War of 1812.  Way to go Canada you beat us in what militarily amounts to a preseason football game.

4 – French is one of their official languages.

5 – Nickelback.  If you like Nickelback you're reading the correct newsletter.

Q & A

The Public Relations Committee would like to ask you a question, responses that are submitted to the [email protected] will be reviewed for the next Twenty-Thirtian Newsletter Committee

Q: What was your favorite visitation?
A: Wichita, Kansas because it is a brand new club that is still working on obtaining their charter. It was a great experience to meet with a club that is just getting started as it put so many things in perspective for me. For one, it made me grateful for my own club as it takes many years (decades in our case!) and a lot of hard work to make a club operate successfully and often times we take that for granted. The visit was a very positive experience because I was able to share some do's and don'ts from my experiences with our club and hopefully was able to provide some insight to the Wichita club.

Q: Who did you visit & how long was your travel?
A: I visited Jessie Griffith, founding member of Wichita, Kansas. I spent an evening chatting with Jessie over dinner [email protected].

Thank you Ashely Preach of The Active 20-30 #1028, Valley of the Sun for taking the time to send in your response. If you would like to be featured in next months edition, please answer and send the response to

Next Months Question: What was your favorite International experience?

Nickname Madness

How did you get your nickname? Does it have a great story? Let us know at [email protected]

So there I was in my balding 260 lb glory just working the beer booth and talking to the customers.  When this sexy blonde walks up in short shorts with a skin tight shirt and pretty blue eyes asking for another tasty beverage. My eyes were suddenly drawn to the most alluring tattoo a man can see.  Right below her place of wonder on her inner thigh said "LUCKY YOU"...she walked away and my mind began to run...If she comes back I have to say something...something about her tattoo...something about why I read her inner thigh...something cool and hip; not 36 with a beer gut and a balding know suave.

So when she came back I asked her what her tattoo said on the inside of her thigh.  She didn't bat an eye and replied back to me 'Lucky You'.  Knowingly I replied: "that's funny I got 'Lucky Me' tattooed on my _____ we should hang out". She looked at me and somehow my semi-sober confidence fooled her into saying, 'Ya I would like that.  What are you doing later?'  

Now is when the foolishness of my behavior would back fire on me. I was just bullsh*tting. Never in my wildest dreams did I see my near future turning out this way.  She said YES and soon my GIRLFRIEND was going to show and what was once a great story quickly turns into heart ache, frustration, disappointment and loss etc.  So I was digging a hole for myself and quickly.  I ran and got a fellow CV85 brother to take one for the team.  You know, the younger, better looking f***s that we leave the club to when we go past active.  So anyways, he intervenes just in time before my girlfriend shows up and kicks my a$$.

Now there are many views to how I got my name Lucky, but I would like to think it was because I told my girlfriend about this situation before going to the end of Carson Valley Days Dinner.  That I am lucky not for my remark at the beer booth but my wisdom to dig my way out.  

Your CV85 nearly Past Active Treasurer,


Professionals at Work!

The most amazing part of our club is the young professionals are working together to better the communities they are part of. We want to highlight some of the professionals who are doing great things in their communities. Would you like to share your story or a story of someone in your club? For more information - [email protected]

Shanti - Active 20-30 Club of Portland #122
Introducing Shanti Hall an Active 20-30 member since April of this year. Shanti is a Home-preschool Curriculum Developer and Teacher. Shanti creates her own curriculum and implements it as a private teacher for preschool aged children (infants- kindergarten).  She takes the role of being a preschool teacher and implements it in a home. Currently, Shanti works with two children ages 3 and 5, running a family-centered practice; not only on educating the children but also their parents and other family members. Shanti is currently working towards her Master’s for Early Intervention/Early Childhood Special Education.

When asking Shanti about her Leadership or Career achievements she stated the following:
•    I started my own business in 2013. I work with my clients (parents) to create meaningful curriculum for their children. I implement that curriculum in their home.
•    I plan and implement curriculum in all subjects for children, infants-kindergarten.
•    As an early childhood educator I believe my role is to provide infants, toddlers, and young children with positive learning experiences. I model respect, patience, and care for every child I work with and I encourage children to take the lead and explore their environment. I believe learning occurs by continually building upon experiences to further enhance the cognitive, social, emotional, physical, fine and gross motor development of children.

Shanti gave examples of her leadership abilities and skills:
•    As an Early Childhood Educator, my main goal is to motivate students to do their best and extend their own personal limits. I encourage my students to apply what they learn to their own lives. I strive to instill a love of learning into each student as well as make it exciting and interesting every day.
•    Leadership skills I poses:
a. Dedicated, resourceful, and passionate.
b. Positive role model for children.
c. Enthusiastic about what I do and that enthusiasm infects the kids I work with students.

With many people working in this field Shanti mentioned how she stands out:
•    Providing enriching activities so that children are supported as they learn about their strengths and work on their weaknesses. I allow children to explore, question, work independently, and to be part of their community. I want to support children as they make discoveries about themselves and the world around them.
•    I feel one of the most important aspects of my job is engaging the whole family in activities. I am constantly creating activities the entire family can participate in. One of my favorite things to do is work with the children to create family meals. We use math and literature skills to follow recipes to bake and cook. When the meal is complete, the children set the table and call together the family. Activities like this empower the children while working on necessary skills in a fun way. Last year we were the Wizard of Oz!

Shanti is dedicated to her community and gives back in many ways such as;  
•    I coach a girl’s tee-ball team for 5 and 6 year olds.
•    I encourage and support the girls while teaching them the game of softball.
•    I am a Positive role model for girls.

In Honor of

A small way to honor those close to our heart. For more information or to honor someone your clubs has lost please email - [email protected]

David Alan Albright 02/25/1941 - 06/30/2015

It is with a heavy heart that announce the passing of our fellow Active 20-30 Past Active Life Member, David Albright. David Alan Albright peacefully passed away of natural causes Tuesday, June 30, 2015. David, commonly called Dave or other choice nicknames, was born in Sunbury, Pennsylvania on February 25, 1941 to Elizabeth and Joseph Albright. David grew up in Berwick, Pennsylvania with his brothers Bruce and Kirk, his dad and stepmother Georgia, remaining there until he joined the Navy. During his tour he was stationed on the USS Constellation where he was a Communications Specialist traveling to the Philippines and many other places. Later, following his discharge, David lived in Sacramento and moved to Auburn in 1965 with his wife Shirley and their newborn son, Randy Albright followed by the birth of his second son, Bruce Albright. He later married Nancy Bolton, and they continued to live in Auburn where his children attended Placer High School and both excelled at wrestling. David suffered the loss of his youngest son, Bruce Albright in a sudden accident in 1986. In 2001 David welcomed a new family member, the addition of his daughter-in-law, Laura Albright, and two years later became "Papa" to his grandson, Lane Albright. Lane and David were the best of friends, trucking around Auburn together delivering meals, volunteering together at community days on behalf of the Auburn Police Department, making and drying their own pasta for family dinners, and traveling together to far off places like Fiji or simply camping locally. David worked with Motorola Delta Communications, followed by the ownership of Fowler's TV for many years, was co-owner of High Sierra Divers, and retired from PCWA where he worked as a Hydrology Maintenance Supervisor. David enjoyed many hobbies that in turn gained him the title from his family, "Most Overscheduled Retired Person." David was a lifetime member of Auburn's 20/30 club, a Tahoe Club member where he was a renowned cook and teller of tall tales, Vice President of Sierra Foothills Armature Radio Club, Meals on Wheels volunteer, and 2013's volunteer of the year for his work with the Auburn Police Department. Giving back was of the upmost importance to David, and as such he donated regularly to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital and the Wounded Warrior Project as well as the Salvation Army and other local charities. One of his great passions was scuba diving and loved his time as co-owner of High Sierra Divers with Jim Nordstrom and Tom Minch until selling to his friends and current owners, Doug and Tina Novelly. Up until the time of his death David volunteered his time at High Sierra Divers helping in the store as well as organizing dive trips, instructing new divers, and leading a yearly handicapped diving class at CSU Sacramento. He traveled the world, dove so many amazing places and met so many incredible people along the way.

David is survived by his son Randy Albright, daughter-in-law Laura Albright, grandson Lane Albright, brother Kirk Kressler and many, many friends who he considered family. He will forever be remembered with a smile or heartfelt laugh, and probably some kind funny story. Simply put, a very good man will be missed.

In lieu of flowers please send donations to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.

Active 20-30 Club of Auburn #19 – The National Active 20-30 US & Canada is sorry for the loss of your Active Brother.

PR Reminders!!

When taking pictures where children are present a wavier is needed.
Use the high definition Logo when printing.
It’s dash not slash!!
Active 20-30 of US & Canada

Board Meeting Minutes

6/5/15 Board Minutes

 New Member Application

We have a new member application online form. Have a new member who wants to get signed up? Do it online using this link below.

New Member Application

Annual National Dues

Clubs can pay dues online and upload rosters.

Online Dues Form

Public Relations Committee

Meet our Public Relations Committee – Feel free to reach out to these individuals if you have anything you would like to add to the newsletter. Have a question let us know - [email protected]

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